Catholic Social Thought Matters

Catholic Social Thought Matters

November 29, 2017

So You Say You Love the Poor... Name Them

by Nicolo Orozco (COL'19)

As we pulled our van off the interstate onto a bumpy Camden, New Jersey road I first noticed the crumbling homes. In some neighborhoods, the properties in the best condition were the abandoned, boarded-up ones, which stood in stark contrast to the crumbling piles of brick and corrugated metal that were all that remained of some structures. A tally by the city numbers the abandoned homes well above 800.

November 27, 2017

Confronting Racism in Our Hearts and in Our Nation

by Lauren Smith (COL'18)

Prior to the Dahlgren Dialogue event, I had only stepped foot into Dahlgren Chapel once before on Easter Sunday. For me, the sacred space was the physical manifestation of Georgetown’s Catholic identity standing at the heart of the university in both the literal and metaphorical sense. With this expectation in mind, I found myself initially shocked and then incredibly engaged as I witnessed the Dahlgren Dialogue on "Confronting Racism in our Hearts and in our Nation." The chapel was transformed into a truly inspiring space.

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