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About the Initiative

The Initiative on Catholic Social Thought and Public Life is a unique effort to promote dialogue on Catholic social thought and national and global issues, build bridges across political, religious, and ideological lines, and encourage a new generation of Catholic lay leaders to see their faith as an asset in pursuing the common good.


Protestors in front of main entrance to the Universidad Centroamericana in Managua, Nicaragua

Solidarity with the Church and Jesuits in Nicaragua Event

The Catholic Church in Nicaragua is suffering. A bishop has been imprisoned, the Jesuit university closed, religious women expelled, charities closed, and seminaries dissolved. The Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) has served the people and Church of Nicaragua since the 1500s. Jesuits have stood with…


The 2018 Public Dialogue on Lay Leadership, Catholic Social Teaching, and the Sexual Abuse Crisis in Gaston Hall.

Stirring the collective conscience: 10 years of challenging conversations with the Initiative for Catholic Social Thought and Public Life

Launched in 2013, the year the first Jesuit pope began his papacy, the Initiative on Catholic Social Thought and Public Life at Georgetown University has since held over 150 dialogues on a range of important topics, reaching a quarter of a million students, Georgetown and DC-area community members, and national and global participants both online and in-person.