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Catholic Social Thought Student Fellows Program

Catholic Social Thought Student Fellows Program

The Catholic Social Thought Student Fellows program provides an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to develop professionally, engage with dynamic speakers, enhance their communication skills, and contribute substantive research to the Initiative’s efforts. The fellows work to advance the Initiative's mission of sharing Catholic social thought and reaching community members, students, public policy professionals, and lay leaders.


The Catholic Social Thought (CST) Student Fellows program hires two to three undergraduate and/or graduate students from a range of academic and campus programs related to Catholic social thought. In addition to a common set of responsibilities, fellows are invited to pursue collaborative events and/or tasks that reflect the intersection of their academic and professional interests with Catholic social thought.

Professional Development

Fellows act as ambassadors for Georgetown and the Initiative on Catholic Social Thought and Public Life, particularly as it pertains to the Initiative’s Public Dialogues, Salt and Light Gatherings, and Latino Leader Gatherings. These dialogues give fellows access to leaders and experts and create opportunities to network with leading professionals in their field of interest. Fellows are also encouraged to organize or collaborate on a special event with a related campus organization and/or academic department as a means of extending the reach of the Initiative across Georgetown.

Public Engagement

Fellows act as communicators helping to share and extend the work of the Initiative on the Georgetown campus and throughout Washington, D.C. Fellows may have opportunities to report on Initiative activities; interview public policy professionals, journalists, and religious leaders; or write an article that illuminates the intersection of public life and Catholic social thought. This content may be featured on the Initiative website, Georgetown website, or in grant reports or annual reports. Initiative staff will review and provide editorial oversight for the fellows’ contributions.

Dialogue In Person and Online

Fellows also are contributors to the Initiative’s social media efforts and broader website as a means of engaging students, practitioners, and faculty in a meaningful discussion of public policy and Catholic social thought.  Fellows help lead the development, implementation, and evaluation of a student engagement plan for the Initiative. In addition, the fellows support the Initiative’s social media accounts, particularly involving Initiative events.

How to Apply

Applications are now being accepted for the CST Student Fellows program. Please contact Christian Soenen ( for more information.