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January 15, 2019

Stand for Life, All Life, Every Life: Resisting the Throwaway Culture

Showing the Stand for Life, All Life, Every Life: Resisting the Throwaway Culture Video

Abortion remains one of the most contested issues in American life. The experiences and voices of pro-life women are too often ignored because they challenge our stereotypes and preconceptions. This timely Dahlgren Dialogue featured women leaders committed to pro-life, whole-life principles that reflect the consistent life ethic of Catholic Social Thought, and included the president of Feminists for Life;  a Georgetown pro-life student; an African-American pro-life Catholic leader; and a human rights advocate.

These diverse women leaders shared their own experiences and convictions, offering an alternative to those who come to Georgetown and Washington, D.C., to insist we must choose between the lives of unborn children and the dignity of women. This Dialogue explored the following questions:

  • What can be done to resist what Pope Francis calls a “throwaway culture” and build a culture of life and love that recognizes the dignity of all, especially unborn children and their mothers; the poor and the sick; immigrants and refugees; and all those without a voice?
  • Why do these women leaders think Christian faith calls believers to protect all human life, in light of those who argue Christian values justify and support abortion?
  • How do these leaders respond to President Trump and anti-abortion legislators when they take actions and promote policies that undermine the dignity of women and children, especially those who are poor and vulnerable?
  • Why and how do they challenge feminist, progressive, and Democratic leaders who insist that support for unrestricted abortion is a fundamental priority?

This timely gathering took place in Dahlgren Chapel, the spiritual center of Georgetown, in a context of prayer, reflection, and respectful dialogue. Co-sponsored by the Office of Mission and Ministry and the Initiative on Catholic Social Thought and Public Life, other Dahlgren Dialogues have addressed racism, migration and refugees, and the clerical sexual abuse crisis.


Serrin Foster is the president of Feminists for Life and the creator of the Women Deserve Better campaign.

Julia Greenwood (C’19) is a Georgetown undergraduate, the co-director of the 2019 Cardinal O’Connor Conference, and a leader in the Francis Project.

Gloria Purvis is the creator of the EWTN show Authentically Free at Last, host of the EWTN radio show Morning Glory, and editor of the African American Catholic Youth Bible.

Aimee Murphy is the executive director of Rehumanize International, a secular human rights organization dedicated to creating a culture of peace and life that seeks to end violence against humans through education, discourse, and action.

Kim Daniels, associate director of the Initiative on Catholic Social Thought and Public Life, moderated the Dialogue.